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The country—the workforce, economy, democracy—depends upon the economic mobility of our citizens. As our single best engine for economic mobility, higher education must be accessible and affordable to all students who strive for the opportunity.

Concerns about college affordability and unmanageable debt often keep lower income students from pursing higher education. ISAs can expand access to education opportunity by offering families a financing option that comes with greater assurance and protection. For our country’s least resourced families, a thoughtfully conceived ISA structure offers unmatched protection when earnings are negatively impacted by family responsibilities, unanticipated misfortunes, or other life circumstances.

Solutions for financing higher education must first prioritize students’ interests.

Summary of Benefits


New graduates with ISAs can make purpose-driven career choices with less apprehension about repayment obligations. Life circumstances don’t derail repayment which protects credit and ensures greater future financial security.


ISAs provide colleges and universities with a new financial aid option for students. With an ISA, colleges and universities invest in positive student outcomes while supporting their retention and graduation goals. 


ISAs can expand access to higher education. The ISA structure protects graduates whose post-graduate earnings are impacted by family responsibilities or unanticipated misfortunes.

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